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The Handmade Quilt

MSRP: $24.95
SKU: 978-1-935726-96-8
UPC: 748628-11372-5
Size: 80 pages, softcover
Author: Carolyn Forster
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Stitching quilts by hand not only connects us to the long tradition of quiltmaking but is also oh-so-modern! The technique is portable and can be done while on-the-go. It is a relaxing, meditative process that can also be shared and enjoyed in a social group.

The Handmade Quilt provides a complete learning experience for new quilters. Starting with basic techniques, a needle and thread, and the reader’s own two hands, the author teaches how to create a heirloom-quality quilt that is a beautiful sampler of stash-busting blocks.

Inside The Handmade Quilt

  • Skillbuilding: The fifteen blocks are set out in order of ease of stitching, starting with the most basic blocks and concluding with gorgeous show-stoppers that are the centerpieces of the sampler quilt.
  • Comprehensive: a complete learning experience for new quilters and a stunning sampler project for experienced stitchers.
  • Unique: No other book available today covers the how-to of hand stitching and hand quilting blocks in such a thorough manner.

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Popular Patchwork; June 2018

When Carolyn started out in patchwork and quilting, she didn’t have a sewing machine so learnt how to create her quilts by hand. These days she teaches both hand piecing and machine piecing and believes that some patchwork blocks are easier to make by hand. In this, her latest book, Carolyn takes the reader on a quilt making journey to create an heirloom quality quilt of 21 blocks. Starting with the basics, those new to patchwork and quilting will be able to learn as they sew, adding new skills and techniques with each block and, because they’re not tied to a machine, they can sew anywhere. Also, as Carolyn says, “Learning to hand piece your patchwork can open up personal time and space that is often needed with today’s frenetic lifestyles.” This is a book packed with techniques and tips from an accomplished quilter and perfect for anyone who wants to brush up their skills – at their own pace and in their chosen place.