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The Art of Elegant Hand Embroidery, Embellishment and Applique

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SKU: 978-1-935726-02-9
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Size: 256 pages; Hardcover
Author: Mary M. Hogan
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"...superbly thought-out teaching book…. Clear enough for a beginner, this treasure’s sophistication will thrill the most capable of needlework aficionados.”

- Elly Sienkiewicz, head of the annual Elly Sienkiewicz Appliqué Academy

Award Winner

Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) 2012 Benjamin Franklin Awards Finalist

Midwest Independent Publishers Association (MIPA) 2011 Midwest Book Awards Finalist

Master teacher Janice Vaine fashions a needlework garden filled with exquisite, floral-themed blocks to instruct and inspire today’s needle artists.

Full-color photos, step-by-step instructions and accurate illustrations show how to create needleart flowers that will bloom for years to come.

  • Over 100 4” and 8” Appliqué Blocks
  • Exquisite 16” Block
  • Embellished Corner Swag
  • 6 Needleturn Appliqué Techniques
  • 62 Embroidery Stitches
  • 20 Ribbonwork Techniques
  • 8 Stumpwork Techniques
  • 10 Fabric Techniques



Reviewer: Bette Augustine, administrator of The Elly Sienkiewicz Appliqué Academy

“Looking for a book that touches your artistic soul as well as offering you techniques plainly and succinctly explained and illustrated? I have found this combination and more in Janice Vaine’s new manuscript. This beautiful book will not be forgotten on a shelf, but instead is going to be right next to my comfy sewing chair offering me both technical instruction when needed, and quiet moments of study and reflection. I thoroughly enjoy examining the clear, concise illustrations and skillfully written text.

As a book lover, I find this beautifully wrought volume a joy to hold, a pleasure to read and, best of all, clear depictions of embroidery and appliqué methods that will ensure my success. Jan’s precious designs are so tempting, and the minute I opened the cover I knew I was going to be hooked. Thread, ribbon and fabric – it is all embraced with obvious love by a talented designer, needlewoman and author. I can’t wait to get started!”

Reviewer: Faye Heyn, Experienced Quilter, Appliquér, and Machine Embroiderer; Teacher; Retired Shop Owner

“The book is beautiful and the illustrations are so clear that even I might be tempted to do some hand embellishing!”

Reviewer: Gena Holland, Experienced Appliquér

“Jan Vaine has come up with not only a beautiful book, but one with crystal clear instructions on perfect placement appliqué and embellishing. It is abook for novice and advanced quilters alike. It will become your ‘go to’ book when creating your very own masterpieces!”

Reviewer: Melissa Mattz, Owner Honeybee Fabrics

“I must say it has been well worth the wait! This book speaks to every aspect of what I want to do in BAQs (Baltimore Album Quilts)! I love it! I have reviewed it and I love everything...I love this book so much! I still want very much to promote it for you! We will do a really big promotion!!”

Reviewer: Becky Peeples, Quilting and Appliqué Student

“The instructions and illustrations are clear and make it easy to follow.”

Reviewer: Debbie Outlaw, Book & Pattern Buyer, United Notions/Moda Fabrics

“All I can say is OMG!!!!! It's fabulous! I'll have to have it just for the stitch tutorials alone.”

Reviewer: Mary Tozer, Experienced Appliquér and Teacher

“Looking through the pages of The Art of Elegant Hand Embroidery, Embellishment & Appliqué is liking walking through a flowering garden on warm, spring day…so many colors and textures. This will definitely be one of the go-to resources for ideas and inspiration for years to come!”

Midwest Book Review: Library Bookwatch April, 2011

“Embroidery is adding something special to your project without changing it. The Art of Elegant Hand Embroidery, Embellishment and Appliqué is a guide to the uses of embroidery in one’s work, as Janice Vaine educates readers on how to get started and comes at them with no shortage of exquisite techniques in many shapes, sizes, and complexity, with plenty of examples. Complete with a DVD with even more patterns, The Art of Elegant Hand Embroidery is a must for any crafts driven person who wants to add something special to their work.”

Reviewer: Barbara Rhoades April, 2011

“WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! … All in all, this is one book you will definitely want in your library or a GREAT gift for a quilter/embroidery person in your life.”

The Midwest Book Review, California Bookwatch May, 2011

“The Art of Elegant Hand Embroidery offers a blend of hardcover with lay-flat binding and spine lettering for easy location and over two hundred pages of ribbonwork, embroidery and stumpwork stitches and techniques, and is perfect for any needlework collection. Color photos of each stitch accompany good-sized step-by-step illustrations and provide color and easy instruction to a book that includes appliqué and features all patterns on a DVD. Any interested in artistic needlework applications will find this a winner.”

Fabrications Quilting For You (UK magazine) October/November, 2011

“‘Methinks it is a token of healthy and gentle characteristics, when women of high thoughts and accomplishments love to sew; especially as they are never more at home with their own hearts than while occupied.’ Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Marble Faun, 1859. This is one quotation from the book which I am sure will strike a chord with most of us. This exquisite and elegant book would be a joy to own because it is beautiful from the front right through the back. Master quilter and expert teacher Janice Vaine fashions a needlework garden filled with exquisite, floral-themed blocks to instruct and inspire today’s needle artists. It is filled with full-colour photos, step-by-step instructions and accurate illustrations, which show you how to create needle art flowers that will bloom for years to come. As a further bonus, the book comes with a DVD containing 102 x 4” block patterns, 20 x 8” block patterns, a 16” centre block pattern and finally a corner swag. This is a ‘must-have’, so maybe one for your Christmas present list?”