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Author: Carolyn Forster
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In Quilting-on-the-Go, Carolyn Forster explains how to break large quilt designs down into small, manageable sections that are easily quilted by hand or machine. Using her clear instructions you can piece a block on one outing, quilt it the next. Once you’re ready to join the blocks, most of the quilting is already done!

In the "Basics" section find everything you need to know to prepare manageable pieces of quilting you can take with you wherever you go. No special equipment needed.

The Project section contains 15 lovely quilts created using Quilt-on-the-Go blocks. Each framed block is pieced and quilted individually, using the full-size templates provided.

Includes full-size templates, rotary cutting instructions and step by step diagrams and photos. As an extra bonus, the sashing/frame designs suggested for the projects create attractive secondary patterns across the quilt once the blocks are joined.  

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Reviewer: Barbara Rhoades, November 18, 2011

“When I first saw this book, I thought it read “quilting as you go”. Since my guild has been making more quilts this way, I couldn’t wait to read it. Alas, my mind and eye coordination was not right and it is a book about taking quilting with you when you are out of the house. Still, not a bad idea; just not the one I was thinking about although it does have some of the features of quilting-as-you-go.

The cover has a “turned” edge which you can use as a bookmark. I love books like this but it would have been nicer if the binding was spiral bound so it would lay flat as well. There are over 30 pages of tips and how-to ideas that make up the first part of this book. On page 41, there are 15 graphics of blocks shown. I did find one block mislabeled. It says it is an hour-glass quilt but it is really a square in a square block.

Each project has a photo, the quilt, block and framed block size, the number of blocks used to make the quilt, the templates used and the frame design name. There is also a paragraph about the quilt.

A list of fabrics needed is next which includes the way to cut it. Directions follow with graphics and photos of what you are doing. Any templates are provided at full size. The section for the templates is in the back. The book also has a list of resources, contacts and recommended reading. A small bio about the author is also given.” 

The Appliqué Society Newsletter  Reviewer: Patti Ives, November/ December, 2011

“As appliquérs we all understand the joy we take from working on something by hand. Carolyn Forster loved piecing her quilts by hand but then she hit a wall when it came to quilting them. She always took her blocks with her to hand stitch them as she found spare time in her day, finishing the blocks was not a problem, quilting them was the problem. She solved this by working in a new way, she calls her method “Quilting-On-The-Go” with this method she can “piece a block on one outing, quilt it the next” once you are ready to join the blocks most of the quilting will be done. Carolyn explains how to break large quilt designs down into small, portable sections. The instructions are clearly written with photographs to illustrate each step in the process. You will find instructions for both rotary and template cutting as well as machine quilting and hand quilting. There are 15 projects given in the book complete with full-size templates to get you started. Instructions to sew a bag to carry your projects and materials around with you as you do your daily errands are also included. ” 

The Midwest Book Review—Wisconsin Bookwatch October, 2011

Quilting-On-The-Go is a manual for active quilters who crave how-to’s on creating quilt designs in small, manageable sections, hand or machine quilted in pieced blocks or segments of multiple blocks. Divided into two main sections on Basics and Projects, the thrust of Quilting-On-The-Go is to provide projects and instructions for quilters who need to work in a variety of settings with no special bulky quilting equipment (like the large wooden traditional frames) needed. Patterns, designs and instructions for 15 beautiful quilts are included along with inspiring color photos of finished quilts. Step-by-step instructions with specific descriptions, organized lists of supplies needed for each project, and templates are included. In all, Quilting-On-The-Go is an invaluable, inspirational tool for the modern quilter who seeks to preserve something of past fabric arts using modern conveniences and do-able workbytes for a model.” 

Checker Newsletter Reviewer: Penny Haren October, 2011

“Carolyn Forster has taken a technique made famous by Georgia Bonesteel a generation ago – and approached it with fresh eyes. And, my how the technique has changed along with the notions and tools that make it possible!

Many quilters also knit or crochet because those needle arts are so portable. This is the quilter’s version of knitting. Carolyn has brought back portability to quilting – and it is easier – and faster – than you think!

Many of us have closets and drawers full of quilt blocks or tops that are waiting to be quilted. And, they will sit there until we have time to hand quilt them (maybe when we retire…) or finally bite the bullet and send them out to a machine quilter.

We are now a society of hurry up and wait – wait for appointments, wait in traffic, wait to pick up children, wait for repairman, wait…..wait….wait…. But what if we looked forward to these frustrating breaks in our routine because it gave us an opportunity to do something we love??? What if these times became moments to lower our blood pressure – instead of raise it? Carolyn will show you how.

Traditionally, this method incorporates wide sashings between the blocks so there is room to join the blocks together after quilting. Carolyn incorporates pieced designs in these sashings so you can’t tell where the connections are made – simply amazing! 

Everyone can hand quilt using her method. Tiny stitches are easy to achieve when a frame doesn’t get in your way. You can literally move the quilt block up and down instead of rocking the needle. Carolyn will turn you into hand quilters one project at a time…”