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Quilting a Circle of Nine

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SKU: 978-1-935726-44-9
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Size: 80 pages; Softcover
Authors: Janet Houts and Jean Ann Wright
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The unique quilt setting technique is back and updated with new patchwork projects and tips for designing quilts that are simple to make with stunning results. Using simple quilt blocks and focus fabrics or block variations, the Circle of Nine setting offers limitless creative and color possibilities. With just one quilt setting technique you can create your own unique quilt designs or follow the patchwork patterns in the book.

Fully illustrated piecing and sewing instructions include sewing tips and techniques to make the projects easy enough for a beginner to sew. Includes a how-to section explaining the fundamentals of the Circle of Nine quilt setting so any quilter, from beginner to expert, can use the setting scheme to design a quilt using her favorite quilt block.

  • 12 Circle of Nine quilt projects to create and inspire
  • Complete patchwork project instructions and illustrations
  • Special ‘Workshop Section’ introducing the Circle of Nine quilt block setting, spacers and elements of quilt design
  • How to quilt fundamentals explained so any quilter, from beginner to expert, can use the Circle of Nine setting scheme to design a quilt with favorite patchwork or applique blocks

Midwest Book Review—The Bookwatch: December, 2013

Aso highly recommended is Janet Houts and Jean Ann Wright’s Quilting a Circle of Nine, a solution to a common quilt pattern project involving a new method of setting blocks. Spacer suggestions pull together the nine blocks in a Circle of Nine quilt and provide innovative new ideas reflected in some 12 new patchwork tips for designing quilts. The result is a lovely collection of quilt ideas perfect for any who have struggled with Circle of Nine complexities.

Barbara Rhoades: December, 2013

Another great book by two good authors, Quilting a Circle of Nine, gives me lots of ideas on how to lay out my next quilt.

I love the illusion of a circle that the setting gives a quilt. And the setting blocks doesn’t take much material so I can use up my stash. The first book discussed the Circle of Nine blocks while this one focuses on the setting blocks.

The authors show different grids such as a one patch, four patch, nine patch and 16 patch. While I don’t see the grids in the photos, I understand the patterns. I either count too many patches or not enough. Maybe I’m being too literal. It doesn’t matter. I understand the way they are laid out and that is what matters.

There are five pages of spacer blocks that include cut sizes. And there are a dozen quilt patterns so you can practice the techniques the authors are describing. The patterns are well written with a colored photo of the quilt, finished quilt and block sizes and even a few acronyms explained.

The material and cutting lists are clear and the written instructions contain plenty of graphics for those of us that are visual – AKA quilters! Templates are provided at full size when needed.

I can’t wait to get sewing on one of these beautiful quilts.

Publishers Weekly: November, 2013

Houts and Wright ran workshops in conjunction with publication of their earlier book Circle of Nine, which pieced together the sisters' versatile ideas for laying out nine quilt blocks using what they call "spacers" instead of sashes. Attendees asked many questions about spacers: which will make the blocks look best; what happens with pieced spacers; how do mathematics matter? Wright and Houts here answer those questions while presenting variations on the nine-block-as-spacers theme. The idea, they say, is for all quilters, regardless of level of expertise, to build on the Circle of Nine "design system." The authors re-explain the blocks themselves, followed by explanations and diagrams of spacers, with four full pages of variations by inches and designs. Twelve quilt patterns, designed alternately by each woman, include intricate ones, such as "Garden Grace," that require a second study to tease out the circle of nine. Graphics and instructions for the quilts are maximal; text is minimal...

Quilters’ Digest: September, 2013

The authors’ unique quilt setting technique is updated with new projects and tips. By using simple quilt blocks, the Circle of Nine setting offers you limitless creative and color possibilities. The piecing and sewing instructions are fully illustrated, and the projects are easy enough for beginners to sew. Experts can design a more challenging quilt with favorite patchwork or appliqué blocks.