Penny Haren's Pieced Applique®

128 pages; Hardcover, hidden spiral
Penny Haren
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Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) 2009 Benjamin Franklin Awards Finalist

Take the mystery out of creating intricate blocks with Penny Haren's amazingly simple technique.

Begin with nine basic foundation blocks and turn them into 25 "Wow! How did you do that blocks?"

  • Flawless points and curves
  • No inset seams
  • Immediate success
  • Full-size templates
  • More accuracy, less bulk
  • Complete, step-by-step instructions and diagrams 



The Two-in-One Square-It-Up Fussy Cut Ruler is the companion ruler for Penny Haren's Pieced Applique® technique

Library Journal December, 2008

Quilt-shop owner Haren introduces a new technique for appliquéd quilt blocks, beginning with a simple, easy-to-piece foundation block, which is then cut and re-pieced into a more complex-looking block. Haren gives a clear overview of the technique, along with a number of sample blocks that can be assembled into full-sized quilts. Ample photographs provide the necessary guidance for quilters interested in the technique, which promises maximum results for less effort than traditional appliqué. This is a good addition to medium to large quilting collections.

The Appliqué Society May/June, 2009

Pieced Appliqué ™ is a new technique to create traditional pieced blocks with more accuracy and ease then the current methods. Basically you create a foundation block then add the more intricate parts of a particular block pattern by creating freezer paper templates, cutting the shapes from fabric and then appliquéing them to the foundation block. Quilters can see exactly what their finished block will look like before anything is stitched. Points and curves can be matched and controlled unerringly without machine piecing. The straightforward instructions insure sharp points and curves that are virtually impossible to achieve with traditional methods. The book teaches 25 beautiful traditional blocks showcased in three fabric styles. Full size templates along with how-to, full color photos and diagrams make this book great for all skill levels.

A Quilter’s Paradise, Reviewer: Deb Luttrell

Penny has done it again with Pieced Appliqué™. This book is not only beautifully presented but it is also filled with intriguing ideas on new ways to achieve traditional patterns. Penny is thorough and is a tremendous teacher. It is obvious that she is passionate about what she does and loves sharing her knowledge.

Reviewer: Barbara Rhoades December, 2008

Ms. Haren makes quilt blocks that look pieced but are actually appliquéd. For example, she starts with a four patch block that is pieced. Then she cuts appliqué pieces in triangles using two different fabrics. When she sews those in place, it makes the block look like you actually used a “tear drop” shape with two elongated triangles to make a star block. VERY nice, especially since you can be absolutely sure that all points match EXACTLY.

Using a 16 patch, she makes the Bow Tie block and a 9 patch becomes King David’s Crown block. The drawback of making blocks like this is that you need to soak the finished block for 20 or more minutes to dissolve the glue used to hold the pieces in place while you sew. If you don’t mind doing this and have trouble getting those points to match, this is the technique for you.

The book is wonderful to use as it is bound in a wire ring which lies perfectly flat! Why more quilting books are not done this way is beyond my understanding. I have broken more bindings on books than I care to remember just to keep my place open in the book. There are three pages that show all the blocks in the book – yes, with a nice color photo of the block. 10 pages of general instructions follow with tips and photos to show you the way.

Each block pattern has fabric suggestions, along with cutting and piecing instructions. Full sized templates are given and there are 3 color ways shown with each block as well. Interspersed throughout the book are Technique Notebook pages. These show more photos of “how-to” along with more in-depth instructions.

Once you get through all the blocks, of which there are 25, you will find three photos of quilts made from the blocks. A list of which blocks were used is below each photo. The final pages give directions for a block that can be used to join all the other blocks into a quilt. Now, your only problem is which blocks to make into your first of many quilts!”

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