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The quilter’s guide for calculating quilt dimensions and quilt measurements. Keep all the basic quilting information you need right at your fingertips with convenient charts for standard bed quilt sizes, reducing and enlarging patchwork blocks and even how much fabric is needed for basic quilt blocks. Calculate fabric requirements for patchwork blocks, squares, strips and triangles.  Includes formulas to calculate the fabric needed for quilt backing and quilt binding.

Includes quick quilting reference guides for measuring diagonal blocks, side-setting and corner triangles, as well as half-square triangles and quarter-square triangle blocks.

  • 16 Charts and Formulas
  • 4" x 6" perfect size for a purse or bag
  • 36 pages
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Quilt Magazine's Quilt Almanac 2013

Are you like many of us who occasionally dozed off in geometry class and dreamt of becoming an artist? Now your art is quilting and your medium is fabric. Fret no more about doing formulas in your head, when all the answers you’ll ever need are in your pocket. This easy and accurate carry-along reference guide helps determine yardage, how to enlarge a block and converts yards, inches and decimals. Containing 16 charts including guides on mattress measurements, backing and binding requirements, and measuring diagonal and triangular blocks. An invaluable guide for quilters of all levels. 

American Quilt Retailer: January 2013

Here’s a little book you can order by the dozens! The diminutive size and $6.95 price point should have this handy little book almost flying out the door. Ooh, do you see a free-flying display image appearing here? No Math Quilt Charts & Formulas, containing valuable information compiled from Landauer’s Quilting The basics & beyond by Jeri Simon, is a useful tool for any quilter new or experienced. Handy charts on how many squares of a particular size can be cut from a fat quarter, number of half-square triangles cutting dimensions, standard mattress sizes and how to reduce or enlarge a block are all found in this nifty little book that can be neatly tucked in any purse! Definitely needs to be displayed on your cutting and sales counters!

Quilters’ Digest: February 2013

This fast, easy and accurate reference guide will allow you to determine how much fabric yardage you need for blocks, strips, squares, half-square and quarter-square triangles in a variety of sizes. This guide may be small in size (4” x 6”), but it is big on invaluable information. You can carry it in your purse to the quilt shop or a class. Best of all, the math is done for you!

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No Math Quilt Charts & Formulas
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