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Modern Hand Stitching

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Size: 112 pages; Softcover
Author: Ruth Chandler
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Enjoy the confidence of knowing basic stitches, then let your stitching spirit play to its heart’s content with pattern and form. Stitching is fun, exhilarating and artistic. For several years, stitch artist Ruth Chandler has looked for just the right stitch reference. Tired of looking, she decided to create the stitch handbook herself and here it is!

  • 112 pages of stitches and inspiration for practice, playing and creating
  • 6 stitch chapters with dozens of variations
  • Straight Stitches
  • Cross Stitches
  • Chain Stitches
  • Knots
  • Couching
  • Making a Stitch Sampler
  • Gallery of Stitching Inspirations



Review Source: ForeWord Reviews—Spotlight Review, Fall, 2014; Reviewer: Sarah White

Chandler offers colorful embroidery stitches and techniques for beginners and beyond.

Those who are new to using embroidery and those with some experience will enjoy Modern Hand Stitching: Dozens of Stitches with Creative Free-Form Variations, by Ruth Chandler.

The book is a stress-free, encouraging, and educational guide to creative free-form hand stitching, one that covers the basics while showing how they can be bent to suit any project.

Illustrated instructions for thirty-eight different stitches are included, as well as examples of how to vary the effect by, for instance, changing the size or spacing of stitches, using different colors, or stitching with different materials. The directions for the stitches are clear, with large photos showing the step-by-step process of forming each stitch. These instructions will help even new stitchers succeed, and they include not only many common stitches but also some that are less often seen in guide books.

Chandler advises stitchers to make a sampler book to practice the different stitches before using them on a project, which makes a fun and practical reference later.

This is a beautiful and helpful book for embroiderers of all skill levels. Embroidery fans are going to want to keep in close, to return to the lessons, tips, and inspiring photographs. Finished projects made by the author and other artists show how different stitches and fabric treatments can be used to make stunning projects, inspiring stitchers to take to their needles and thread.

The Appliqué Society Newsletter: July/August, 2014

So many of the quilts you see today have some sort of embroidery stitching on them. In “Modern Hand Stitching – Dozens of stitches with creative free-form variations” the author, Ruth Chandler, provides us the stitch instructions but she encourages the reader to experience the freedom of stitching without boundaries. There are well over 30 stitches demonstrated with clear, easy-to-follow, step-bystep photography. Along with the stitch instructions you will find a page called “No Boundaries”. On these pages you will find tips on making the stitch along with photographs showing different ways to use the stitch either by varying the stitch length or spacing or weight of thread or even the floss color. It is amazing how one stitch can create so many different looks. I think my favorite stitch was the “Detached Loop Chain Stitch”. You can use these loops to attach objects or just create little floating circles on your piece. Of course wrapping the stitches and couching can also make for some interesting effects. Ruth encourages you to experiment and forgo any rules or boundaries and “stitch with freedom and abandon.” Hand stitching does not require many supplies. Ruth provides a comprehensive list of supplies you will need to get started and also advises that “once you start stitching you will soon discover that fibers and threads are just as addictive as fabric or beads.”

Stitch-it...today!: July/August, 2014

More than a stitch guide, this book triggers the imagination! This book demonstrates, in detailed close-up photos and step-by-step instructions, how to execute all the basic stitches, and then it shows you how to break the rules. After each stitch explanation is a "No Boundaries" section, where Ruth encourages readers to stitch creatively with tips and suggestions for taking each stitch further and to freely play with pattern and form. The photographs show how wonderful effects are created by altering stitch length, thread weight, direction, spacing, and color. Breaking the rules makes it easy to give your stitch work personality and artistic flair.

Modern Hand Stitching includes a gallery of stitching inspirations. Step-by-step instructions and color illustrations for 39 stitches with clearly photographed techniques make this a useful tool for anyone looking to stitch outside the lines.

Midwest Book Review—The Bookwatch: June 2014

Modern Hand Stitching: Dozens of Stitches with Creative Free-Form Variations offers some six stitch chapters covering 39 stitches with dozens of variations for each, and is a special recommendation for readers who want a sampler of ideas and step-by-step methods for recreating them. Color photos capture every technique while colorful pages offer plenty of examples of their different uses in art projects. The result is a colorful guide for any who would improve hand stitching capabilities.

Midwest Book Review—Internet Book Watch: May, 2014

Modern Hand Stitching: Dozens of Stitches with Creative Free-Form Variations lives up to its title as a top-quality resource especially for intermediate to advanced practitioners interested in taking their stitching techniques to the next level. Step-by-step instructions illustrated with full-color photography making learning new stitches, as well as variations on classic stitches, as easy as can be. Straight stitches, building stitches, cross stitches, knots, chain stitches, couching and wrapping are all covered in this treasury for creative and inspired needlecraft artists.

Janeville.blogspot.com, Jane LaFazio: May, 2014

In case you didn't know it, I love to hand stitch. I usually stitch in the evenings and it relaxes me, and keeps my hands busy while I watch TV with my husband. I use a few simple stitches, mostly relying on the repetition of the simple stitch and beautiful threads to make the impact in my art quilts.

But I needed a boost, and inspiration to add to the way I work. 
Not change it, just add to it.
My friend, Ruth Chandler , has written a book that's done just that. Inspired me, but not overwhelmed me with stitches I'm never going to do. In her book, Modern Hand Stitching, she shows how to do a simple, basic stitch and then gives the reader a bunch of different ways to use, change and layer that basic stitch to create something new.
Ruth writes about how to create this little cloth stitchbook (below), in her book, Modern Hand Quilting. I think it's a great little project and would be a wonderful inspiration book to keep on hand with my stitching stuff.
Or for new stitcher, as a learning tool.

Quilters' Digest: February, 2014

Not able to find just the right stitch handbook, Ruth created one of her own. In this book, she will teach you the basic stitches which include straight stitches, cross stitches, knots, and couching. After you learn the basics, explore free-form variations. Also included are instructions for making a stitch sampler, and a gallery of stitches sure to inspire you.

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