Log Cabin Block Basics--DOWNLOAD

4" x 6"; 36 pages; PDF Download
Janet Houts & Jean Ann Wright
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Log Cabin Block Basics - Back CoverThis handy guide to traditional Log Cabin blocks, Half Log Cabin blocks, and Courthouse Steps Log Cabin blocks tucks conveniently into your purse or tote bag. Yardage requirement charts for Log Cabin blocks and quilts. Cutting charts for 6", 8", 10", and 12" Log Cabin blocks. See block variations with color placement, strip size, and more. Log Cabin quilt layout and setting instructions.

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Log Cabin Block Basics

American Quilt Retailer; December 2014

Tried-and-True Pattern

The Log Cabin block is easily recognized by quilters of all skill levels as a classic pattern. Landauer Publishing has created a hand 4x6" guide to traditional Log Cabin blocks, half Log Cabin blocks and Courthouse Steps blocks in a variety of finished sizes. This 48-page carry-along guide also includes techniques, yardage requirements, and how-to inspiration for setting your Log Cabin blocks.

Reviewer: Barbara Rhoades, September 2014

The authors of Circle of Nine have again written a wonderful book but this time it is about Log Cabin blocks. This is a small, take-along book that shows six variations of the Log Cabin block.

Each of the six blocks are stepped through with written instructions and photos showing what the instructions state. Once you get through this section, there is one on various layouts of the six blocks. By turning the blocks in various ways, you get different quilts.

The next section is yardage requirements for different sized blocks of each variety. The final section is about block settings which is similar to layout but shows other ways to position the blocks.

This will make a nice gift for any quilter and especially for one who loves the Log Cabin block.

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