Sew Simple Pinwheels

Sew Simple Pinwheels
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16 pages; Saddlestitch
Karin Hellaby
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Karin Hellaby does it again. This time it’sSew Simple Pinwheels. Karin loves playing with block techniques and finding the simplest way to stitch traditional designs. Looking at half square triangles she cut one in two, repositioned the pieces – and suddenly there was a pinwheel! Twisting, flipping and using different color schemes gave her all sorts of new designs, including some fascinating borders. Teaches simple pinwheels, no corners simple pinwheels and curved pinwheels.  

Follow Karin’s step-by-step instructions to make quick new pinwheels in new, creative designs. Includes QH (Quilters Haven) tips.

  • Choose straight blades or curved blades
  • Learn to make and add spool centers or embellish with Suffolk Puffs (yo-yos)
  • Fabulous new technique th quilts in minutes.

Sew Simple Pinwheeles uses 5” and 10” square precuts with very little waste. Making the block produces both the pinwheel and small triangles ready for use in your border.

Patterns and instructions for selected projects included in the book.

See Additional Info above for downloadable Fabric and Yardage Requirements and Quilt Layout Diagrams.

Watch Karin demonstrate her technique for making a Curved Pinwheel block in this video:

Barbara Rhoades: April 2012

One of my favorite blocks is the pinwheel. Maybe it is because it makes me think of the pinwheel toy I had as a child and held out the window of the car to “power” it.

The author shows you how to create a pinwheel using Charm Squares. Once sewn, you can play with the layout and have lots of looks. She even shows how to make curved pinwheels without having to cut curved blocks. I have been using this technique to make Cathedral Window blocks and it is ultra simple.

She also shows how to create spool blocks and yo-yos—or as the English call them, “Suffolk Puffs”! Using these three items and turning the blocks in various directions, you can make many different looking quilts, wall hangings and table runners.

There aren’t many patterns in this book as it is one that promotes your own creativity. Ms Hellaby shows you the basics and then turns you free to create your own styles. What better way for a quilter to be than creative!  

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