Sewing Home Decor The basics & beyond

160 pages; Hardcover, hidden spiral
Shannon Dennis
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Award Winner

Midwest Independent Publishers Association (MIPA) 2011 Midwest Book Awards Finalist

Isn’t it time you learned to sew?

With just a few simple techniques such as seams, hems, buttonholes, linings, pleats, zippers, and piping, even a beginner can decorate a home with window curtains, duvet covers, chair covers, bed skirts, pillows, table runners, and more!  

Sewing today has never been easier. Once you’ve learned the techniques, they are yours forever. Sewing Home Décor The basics & beyond explains in text, photos, and video, the essential techniques you need to know so you have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to “make it yourself.”

  • Dozens of basic sewing techniques
  • Step-by-step photos
  • Easy-to-understand text
  • Demonstration video Color options, tip boxes
  • More than 20 home décor projects using the techniques you’ve learned
  • Step-by-step directions for every technique and every project are easy to understand!  

Midwest Book Review Bookwatch Reviewer: Nancy Lorraine July, 2011

Sewing Home Décor is a complete instruction manual in the basics & beyond series that teaches home sewers techniques such as quilting, trims, hemming, closures, and construction and stitching to help create an assortment of bright, creative home decorating touches, including curtains, cushion covers, seat covers, table coverings, bed and duvet covers, and more. Each project list techniques, materials, cutting instructions, and general instructions in a step-by-step format. Color photographs illustrate the finished product and details along the way. There are many ways to complete a home decorating theme, and Sewing Home Décor is full of vivid, imaginative suggestions for fabrics and projects and detailed approaches and techniques. Even the novice sewer will be able to follow these easy instructions and explanations. Projects such as a breakfast cart slipcover, vintage apron, and reversible patchwork place mats and napkins are presented. For convenience, there are yardage and cutting charts for each project listed in the back by project, and there is also a list of additional resources. Sewing Home Décor is an excellent resource for the home sewer and decorator who wishes to achieve a fabulous look for a budget finish.” Reviewer: Lynda Heines August 29, 2011

“Well, Landauer Publishing has done it again. Here is another in their Basics and Beyond series.

This 128-page book, written by Shannon Dennis has that wonderful spiral binding that lays flat. Love that in a book!

In the first section Shannon includes over 50 fundamental techniques including stitching, hemming, construction, trims and embellishments, closures and quilt making. She also covers the basic parts and functions of the sewing machine. … each technique includes clear directions with great pictures.

The projects section includes step-by-step instructions for making home decor for all around the house. Some of these projects include duvet covers, window treatments, chair covers, table settings and decorative pillows. There is also instructions on making a pet bed.

This book is true to it’s title – the basics and beyond information. But WAIT! I’ve not mentioned the DVD. On this 45-minute DVD the author goes over the techniques in the book with clear and easy to follow instructions. I always like to see any techniques demonstrated on video. Seems like that’s easier for me to learn.

This is a great basic sewing book for beginners and those who want to expand their sewing to home decor, or a refresher course for those seasoned seamstresses. For me, this is a nice addition to my other Basics and Beyond books. I’d like to make some curtains for this room and I do love that cat bed. Looks like more stuff to add to my “To Do” list.

Sewing Home Décor is available at your favorite bookstore, quilt shop or online from Landauer Publishing.

FabShopHop Blog Reviewer: Teresa Coates September, 2011

“The newest addition to Landauer Publishing’s “basics & beyond” series, Sewing Home Décor is stuffed full of techniques and tips to get a beginning sewist on the right track to creating top-quality items for their homes. Author Shannon Dennis shares the how-to for 35 different projects, including curtains, pillows, window treatments, table settings and duvet covers.

Each project includes a techniques list, showing the range of skills you will use for it with page numbers to the corresponding tutorial on each technique. Dennis’ instructions are straightforward and easy-to-understand. She includes explanations on sewing mitered corners, scallops, lapped zippers, welting, inverted box pleats and much more.

Sewing Home Decor is a great addition to the sewing libraries of both the beginner and the experienced sewist looking to develop more skills. The techniques she includes are those that will be used in a variety of sewing projects, including sewing clothes and accessories.

There are two extras with this book that make it a long-term resource: the yardage guide and the DVD. The last half-dozen pages are filled with formulas to help you figure out just how much fabric to buy if you want to recover you duvet, make a pet bed, sew bench cushions or a tablecoth. The included DVD is a compilation of short videos showing different techniques, particularly helpful for new sewists and for those of us who learn best visually.”

Reviewer: Barbara Rhoades August, 2011

“This is a hard cover, spiral bound book so the first thing is that it lays flat. You don’t have to “weigh” it down or break the binding to keep your place when you are trying to read a project and sew.

The table of contents shows four major sections: Getting Started, Techniques, Projects, and Yardage and Cutting Charts. In the Techniques section, it is further broken down into Stitching, Hemming, Construction, Trims/Embellishments, Closure and Quilt Making. There is a DVD that is an audio-visual version of this section. For those who are visual learners, this is a great tool. The Projects section is similarly broken down into Bedroom/Pillows, Window Treatments, Around the House and Table Settings.

There are lots of graphics to show off what the author is talking about and each technique is explained in detail. The projects have two “shadow” boxes: one is the techniques used and one is the materials needed. The cutting list and instructions are easy to read and follow.

There are 35 projects plus the explanation of techniques and the overview of the basic equipment and supplies in this lay-flat book. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, there is something for everyone.

The Fat Quarterly: Winter, 2012

Looking to redecorate your living room but don’t know where to start? Look no further than Sewing Home Décor, your complete manual to home decorating. Shannon teaches the basic techniques (quilting, trims, hemming, and closures, among others) so you can start redecorating your home within minutes.

Projects include curtains, cushion and seat covers, bed and duvet covers, and more. Each project lists techniques, materials and gives clear instructions with full color photos to help you learn the art of home decorating. What’s more, Shannon includes an instructional DVD to make you master all the techniques.

Beginners and experts alike will find all the projects they need to give your house an updated, fresh look without breaking the bank.


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