Jelly Roll Jambalaya Quilts

48 pages; Saddlestitch
Jean Ann Wright
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Stitch along with author Jean Ann Wright as she creates easy, fun projects with jelly roll pre-cuts.

  • 10 bright, easy-to-complete, colorful quilts
  • Complete instructions for nine quilts and two small projects
  • Fully-illustrated little lessons as a bonus with each quilt

Bonus lessons include:

  • Album “X” Block
  • 45° Diagonal Seams
  • Hexagon “Y” Seams
  • Overlapping Seams
  • Speedy Strip Stitching
  • Seminole Patchwork
  • Tessellations
  • Tipsy Log Cabin

Helpful tips get you started. You learn that a jelly roll with 40 strips will make a 48" x 60" quilt if every strip is used, but you don’t need to include every strip in a quilt. Some can be set aside for other projects. You can expand the yardage in a design; cut the strips into other shapes; and use leftover strips in the binding and backing. Share strips. Have a New Orleans potluck. Jazz it up and have fun.




Checker Newsletter, Penny Haren: May, 2014

With a name like that, who can resist???  This book includes nine quilts and two smaller projects that are the perfect choices for a series of classes….

These projects are absolutely amazing – but it is not just another project book.  Each project includes a mini lesson on a new technique.  Why not start a series of classes.  Choose four techniques incorporated into four projects.

Have students come once a month for two to three hours.  They will be able to finish a quilt each quarter – that’s four quilts a year!  Let your customers make a monthly “appointment” to do something they love!  An added bonus?  They will be able to finish the entire quilt in class!  If you provide the machines – all the better!

Schedule the classes so they can stop on their way home from work.  Their families will think they stopped at the grocery store – not some well deserved R & R with friends!

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Jelly Roll Jambalaya Quilts--DOWNLOAD
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