First-Time Quiltmaking (Softcover)

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112 pages; Softcover
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Detailed step-by-step instructionsDetailed step-by-step instructions

First-Time Quiltmaking - Learning to quilt in six easy lessons:

  • Lesson One - Beginning Basics. Discover how easy it is to begin quilting with an illustrated guide to fabrics, tools and techniques
  • Lesson Two - Preparing the Fabric. Pre-wash, press, straighten and rotary cut the fabric - now you're ready to sew
  • Lesson Three - Sewing Accurate Seams. Pick up a few quick tricks and tips for sewing an exact quarter-inch seam for accurate seam allowances
  • Lesson Four - Assembling the Quilt Top. Choose from three easy quilt patterns for step-by-step success-and then use the techniques to take the three-in-one quilt challenge
  • Lesson Five - Making the Quilt Sandwich. Make a quilt sandwich by layering the batting between the backing and your finished quilt top and secure it with yarn ties or simple machine quilting
  • Lesson Six - Finishing the Quilt. Follow easy instructions to add the binding, a sleeve for hanging, a personalized label - and you've successfully finished your first quilt!

Barbara Rhoades: March 2013

If you want to learn to quilt and don’t have access to a mentor or group, First-Time Quiltmaking is a good way to start. It is set up in a six-lesson format and covers everything I would teach to my students. The only thing I might disagree with is how they show connecting the final ends of attaching a binding. While it is not wrong, my binding is completely continuous so you can’t tell whether the connection is a seam where two strips were put together to make the binding long enough or the final joining. The book is written with lots of graphics and tips and there are four different quilt tops for you to sew. There is a gallery of quilts and a glossary of terms. It even describes how to add a hanging sleeve and the all-important label. Know someone who wants to learn or want to learn yourself? Then a copy of this book will be a welcome addition to their/your library.  

Quilters' Digest, November 2012

Making your first quilt is not as hard as you might think if you have this new book. The entire process has been broken down into six segments: Beginning Basics, Preparing the Fabric, Sewing Accurate Seams, Assembling the Quilt Top, Making the Quilt Sandwich and Finishing the Quilt. Follow the easy instructions, pick up some quick tricks and tips for sewing and in no time, you have finished your first masterpiece! 

Midwest Book Review--Library Bookwatch: November 2012

Quilt making is one of the oldest needlecraft skills known, often producing coverings that were as practical as they were beautiful. In previous eras it was a skill passed down from mothers to their daughters, and even took place as a group activity by a community of women. In today's culture all too often those quilt making skills once enjoyed by former generations failed to make the transition to the present generation. That's why "First-Time Quiltmaking: Learning to Quilt in Six Easy Lessons" is such a valued and valuable instruction guide for the novice quilting student. Superbly illustrated throughout, the lessons include 'beginning basics', preparing the fabric, sewing accurate seams, assembling the quilt top, making the quilt sandwich, and finishing the quilt. Complete, accurate, 'user friendly', informed and informative, "First-Time Quiltmaking: Learning to Quilt in Six Easy Lessons" is highly recommended for personal and community library needlecraft reference collections. 

The Midwest Book Review—Internet Bookwatch: February 2013

First-Time Quiltmaking: Learning to Quilt in Six Easy Lessons covers all the beginning basics from selecting and preparing fabric to sewing seams and making the quilt, and offers four very simple projects newcomers can readily learn from. The step-by-step instructions pair color photos throughout with diagrams for learning to quilt and teaches the accompanying tricks and tips that make for polished, professional-looking results. A 'must' for any would-be quilter faced with an onslaught of titles directed to those with prior experience, this will serve as an outstanding introduction.

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