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First-Time Beading on Fabric

MSRP: $24.95
SKU: 978-1-935726-27-2
UPC: 748628-11295-7
Size: 128 pages; Softcover
Author: Liz Kettle
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First-Time Beading on Fabric teaches nine beading techniques in nine easy lessons. Seed stitch, moss stitch, couching, backstitch, bugle beads, stacks, fringe, picot edge and peyote stitch. After practicing the beading stitches and techniques on the quilt sampler or stitch book, you will be ready to create the unique Beaded Garden Quilt to showcase your new skills. Equipment and supplies list, charts, bead shapes, threads, needles, bead mats and trays.

Complete, clear and concise step-by-step instructions and how-to. Hundreds of color photographs throughout.

Detailed step-by-step instructionsDetailed step-by-step instructions






The Appliqué Society Newsletter, Reviewer: Patti Ives, March/April 2013

Liz’s book First-Time Beading on Fabric helps you learn to bead in nine easy lessons. Each lesson covers one stitch. Inside the book you will find each lesson includes step-by-step instructions with beautiful, clear close-up photography. In order to keep a record of what your beading stitches look like once finished, you can work on two different types of samplers. A practice stitch sampler quilt or the charming little stitch sampler book. I recommend you make these samplers as they are a terrific way to document what each stitch looks like for future reference. Once you have learned these stitches, you will have an opportunity to show off your new-found beading skills by completing the “Beaded Garden” quilt project. Along with the excellent quality photos, you will find Liz’s instructions very easy to follow and each stitch lesson includes tips on how to get the best results whether it be in how you pull your thread or in the colors of beads you use. For inspiration, the book is full of simply gorgeous photos of finished beaded projects. You will find a complete list of supplies and equipment and a great discussion on why you should always use a stabilizer and which stabilizer is right for your project. 

Quirks Ltd., Reviewer: Kathy Schmidt, December 2012

Liz Kettle has a new book, First-Time Beading on Fabric! It’s so new that when I checked the other day, it wasn’t on Amazon! It’s there and all the other good places now, so you will be able to get it, too.

I got my copy at Artistic Artifacts and I have read every single word. Better than the words, though, are the great photos. Every stitch is taught with great pictures, rather than drawings, and it truly helps to see the actual needle going into the actual fabric and beads!

The sampler projects offer some good ideas for learning and showcasing what you have learned and the Beaded Garden Quilt is so cute you will surely want to make it!

Basic beading was easier than I thought when I began, and this book will make it easy for anyone who is ready to add some bling to their work.

I was expecting instruction on beading without stitches showing through on the back of the quilt, but that comes from my own quilting background, not a learn-to-bead requirement!

This book is another one of the must-have basics for your book shelf, if you ever even think you might want to put a bead on fabric!  

Quilters' Digest: November 2012

If you have never tried beading on fabric, Liz’s new book is a good place to start. With clear, concise instructions and hundreds of photographs, she will teach you how to do seed stitch, moss stitch, couching, backstitch, bugle beads, stacks, fringe, picot edge and peyote stitch. Also included is an equipment and supplies list and information on charts, bead shapes, threads, needles and bead mats. 

Barbara Rhoades: January 2013

This is a great book for learning how to bead on fabric. I wish it had been available those many years ago when I started beading. It would have made my learning better than the trial and error method I used. These easy to follow, step-by-step directions will have you adding beads to everything in sight! The stitched sampler and the beaded garden quilt are the actual projects contained in the book. With the nine lessons, you will have all the techniques at hand to make any project a beaded one. There are plenty of photos to help you follow what the written words are saying. Throughout the book, there are photos of finished items that might just spark you wanting to make one like it.

The Midwest Book Review—Internet Bookwatch: February 2013

First-Time Beading on Fabric is a recommendation for needlework and crafter's holdings alike and offers nine easy lessons that offer step-by-step instruction and close-up photography for learning some nine basic beading stitches. These all lead to putting together a beaded garden quilt at the end, but dozens of beading ideas come together in a guide packed with details on everything from using fringe to bead varieties and their different stitching requirements. A top pick for any crafter's library.