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Embroidery & Patchwork Revisited

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Author: Janice Vaine
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Inspired by antique quilts, Jan Vaine’s new book is a must-have for everyone who admires the timeless beauty of hand embroidery.

Beginning with “In the Classroom with Jan,” teacher, author and embroidery expert Jan Vaine walks you step-by-step through all you need to know.

  • Patchwork block templates
  • Supplies and techniques
  • Illustrations for each of the 16 basic stitches
  • Small practice projects
  • Patterns for blocks, stitch combinations and embroidery motifs

Spectacular quilt projects clearly show how embroidery enhances appliqué and complements curved and straight-edged piecing in a way that’s both orderly and engaging.

Prepared with precision for all skill levels.

  • 128 pages
  • Basic stitches beautifully illustrated
  • Filled with design ideas and stitch patterns
  • Small and large projects
  • Ideas and inspiration for all hand stitchers



Needle Arts—The Embroiderers’ Guild of America Magazine: September, 2014

Janice Vaine’s latest book is inspired by an antique crazy quilt with a central Dresden plate surrounded by twelve squares, including four quarter-sized Dresden plates. This book has everything you need to complete the quilt and the fine embroidery—just add fabric and threads. Vaine’s instructions are thorough. She includes charts for uses of different needles and weights of thread; full-sized diagrams to make templates of quilt sections and pattern transfers for all of the embroidery motifs; step-outs for hooping, construction, and assembly; and twenty-three pages of embroidery stitches—one page per stitch, each with complete written instructions, large diagrams, and a photo of the stitch as used on a quilt, all followed by diagrams of suggested stitch combinations. For added enjoyment, Vaine includes complete instructions for a smaller, less involved quilt; easy etui; quick tote; and a thirty-six block fan quilt. This book is beautifully rendered in a beautiful graphic design on good-quality paper. Even if the reader were not interested in working the projects, this book would be excellent to learn new stitches, or to teach stitches to young or new stitchers. It is an outstanding model for teachers when writing instructions.

Quilters Newsletter—Staff Picks: August/September, 2014

For anyone who loves hand-embroidered embellishment on their quilts, this book will fire the imagination. Inspired by antique crazy quilts, author Vaine presents detailed instructions for a wide variety of embroidery stitches and offers patchwork patterns that are ideal for adding embroidery. The pocket-sized companion booklet serves as a reference guide for stitching on the go.

STITCH Magazine: June/July, 2014

By her own admission, quilter Jan Vaine likes ‘order and a game plan to follow. Crazy quilts, just by their name, imply an insane order and freewheeling spirit.’

Jan has succeeded in creating a book both inspiringly open-ended and reassuringly specific, distilling crazy quilting’s essence into a form useful to both freeform stitchers and those who are happier working to patterns. Clear illustrations and full-colour photography throughout are detailed, and handy hints abound.

A useful needle chart demystifies the subtle differences between types of needles, giving information on what threads and stitches each will accommodate. For example, the consistent width of a straw or milliner’s needle along its length makes it easier to pull the working thread smoothly through a bullion stitch’s multiple wraps.

Exciting variations are given for familiar stitches, e.g. long and short buttonhole stitch and buttonhole up and down stitch create sumptuous edgings. Doubling or working the stitch in a triple arrangement and embellishing with French or colonial knots gives even richer effects.

Smaller projects such as a cute etui, a patchworked tote bag, and an irresistible miniature quilt called Scrappy Tidbits will have you diving into your scraps bag even if you don’t have time to complete a whole quilt.

Diane Harris, Quilty Pleasures (Quiltmaker Magazine blog): June, 2014

I have never been interested in crazy quilts, but this book changed my mind.

I walked into a booth at International Quilt Market and saw the fan quilt—and nearly hyperventilated. I’m not usually attracted to crazy-type quilts but this was a horse of a different color. It was fabulous! Each fan is a miniature work of art. I couldn’t stop looking at it! All of the fabrics in Fan Favorite are by Jo Morton for Andover. The book was displayed with it, so I tracked down the publisher’s booth and was eagerly handed a review copy of Embroidery & Patchwork Revisited by the folks at Landauer. The author is Janice Vaine.

The cover quilt is just as spectacular as "Fan Favorite." It’s called "A Quilt to Dream Under," and was inspired by an antique. Jan Vaine owns that antique quilt (she says she “has guardianship”) and it’s what inspired the book, which is subtitled "An Illustrated Guide to Hand Stitching."

In addition to these two quilts, inside the book you’ll find illustrated instructions for 19 embroidery stitches and several pages of ideas for combining the stitches. There are also patterns for an etui, a tote bag and another small quilt. A wealth of information is given on embroidery techniques in general, which include marking designs on fabric, needles and threads.

If handwork is your thing, or if you think it might be, you’ll want your own copy of Embroidery & Patchwork Revisited. I recommend it. And beware: This kind of stitching is addictive! 

The Quilting Quarterly: Summer, 2014

Inspired by antique crazy quilts, Jan gives detailed instructions for creating  and piecing planned crazy quilt blocks, including block templates, stitch combinations, and embroidery motifs. Embroidery supplies and techniques are explained as well as 19 basic stitches with how-to illustrations. A sample project builds confidence to move to larger, more complex work. The carry-along guide offers how-to for 30 favorite hand embroidery stitches as well as a needle and thread guide. It's the perfect shopping companion to ensure you buy just the right items.

The Midwest Book Review—California Bookwatch: June, 2014

Embroidery & Patchwork Revisited was inspired by the author's interest in antique quilts and hand embroidery, and comes from an expert who provides step-by-step guidance through patchwork block templates and more. Besides discussions of techniques and supplies, there are small practice projects, illustrations for 19 stitches, and projects that blend applique and embroidery with piecing tips. Design ideas and stitch patterns are accompanied by diagrams and packed with color examples on every page, making this a treasure trove of techniques and applications recommended for any needleworker.

Library Journal: May, 2014

In 2012, Vaine purchased an exquisite hand-embroidered antique quilt. Inspired by its artistry, she decided to replicate it using contemporary fabrics and techniques. The result is a combination of a traditionally pieced medallion quilt with crazy quilt-style embroidered seams and embroidered embellishments. This guide documents Vaine's quilting journey, presenting the pattern for the quilt (which she has named "A Quilt To Dream Under") and a guide to the techniques used to make it. The first section of the book explains how to piece and embroider the patchwork blocks that surround the center medallion, followed by an embroidery stitch dictionary that demonstrates all the stitches used in the quilt. For quilters who are new to hand embroidering their patchwork and would like to practice before attempting a large-scale project, several small projects combining the two techniques are included. The author's descriptions are thorough, and close-up photos of her work (as well as the original quilt) are featured throughout.

VERDICT: Art quilters, as well as quilters interested in hand embroidery, will appreciate Vaine's attention to detail and respect for traditional techniques and vintage style.

Quilters' Digest: May, 2014

If you enjoy the timeless beauty of hand embroidery, this book is for you, and is suitable for stitchers of all skill levels. in a step-by-step fashion, Jan will teach you everything you need to know in her "classroom." She covers patchwork block templates; supplies and techniques; and 16 basic stitches and their combinations. Instructions for small practice projects, patterns for blocks, and embroidery motifs are provided.

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