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Laurel Albright
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Seven deceptively simple quilts using a variety of pre-cut fabrics. Each quilt has its own distinct twist, whether it be the inspiration, fabric, quilting, backing, or how it was put together. The quilts are designed with minimal cutting and piecing, making them perfect weekend projects for quilters of all skill levels.

Each featured quilt is broken down to create a 'Size Twist' that includes smaller projects that can be made in a day. Swatches provide a 'Fabric Twist' to help envision each project in an alternate colorway.

  • 7 unique featured quilts
  • 13 additional projects created from the featured quilts
  • Beautiful photography
  • Fabric Twist with each project
  • Easy-to-follow instructions and diagrams


Barbara Rhoades: January, 2014

This booklet provides seven project patterns for quilts that can be made from one basic fabric and the scraps you have in your stash. For example, the Shades of Merlot, I see the main fabric in shades of burgundy and the pieced blocks made from all the color scraps I have. As with most patterns, I don’t always agree with the color choices but that is the fun of quilting. You can make it your own with the colors you like.

Each pattern has a photo, finished size and a clearly written materials and cutting list. The graphics help make sure you are following the written directions and there is even a different color suggestion called a Color Twist. There is also another “Twist” section – some for quilting ideas and some for backing ideas. Templates are provided when needed but must be enlarge to 125%.

If you are looking for bright and cheery ideas for quilts for this new year, this booklet would be a good place to start.

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