Daily Zen Quilts and Projects

56 Pages, Saddlestitch
Melanie Greseth and Joanie Holton for TailorMade by Design
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11 projects using Michele D’Amore’s newest fabric collection, Daily Zen for Contempo Fabrics by Benartex.
Fill your home with contemporary quilt comforts created with Daily Zen fabrics by Benartex.
Projects include: six quilts in soothing colors and current designs that are easy-to-make and perfect for all skill levels. Five companion projects with a touch of Zen for body and spirit: a kimono, yoga mat, eye mask, neck roll, and tote bag.



Barbara Rhoades: June, 2014

A quilt book based on a fabric line—what a great idea.  Simple clean lines and easy to piece blocks are what make up these projects.
The projects are more than just quilts.  They include a yoga mat, a robe, a mask (sleeping), a comfort roll and a tote.  When you get done creating from this book, you will have a complete “zen” room!
The book begins with a swatch page of the fabrics in the line.  Each project has a color photo of the finished item with size.  The yardage and cutting lists are clear and easy to follow.  The written instructions have lots of graphics so you can’t go wrong.  The quilting instructions even suggest hand quilting or tying your quilt, not just quilt as desired by machine.
Full sized templates are included so no need to go to the copy store to enlarge anything.  The authors must be sisters as the About Us sections states “our mom…”  How great that sisters can collaborate and produce a great book.

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