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Author: Janet Houts and Jean Ann Wright
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This stunning yet simple setting produces quilts with original and creative design. Using simple quilt blocks and focus fabrics or block variations, the setting offers limitless creative and color possibilities. No two quilts will ever look alike even though they all use the same unique setting scheme. 24 quilts using the Circle of Nine setting Each quilt has a uniquely different look Fully illustrated instructions include sewing techniques that make the projects easy enough for a beginner to sew How-to section explaining the fundamentals of using the Circle of Nine setting so any quilter, from beginner to expert, can use the setting scheme to design a quilt using her favorite quilt block.      

Quilt Journalist Tells All newsletter Reviewer: Meg Cox, Author of The Quilter’s Catalog: A Comprehensive Resource Guide February, 2011 Circle of Nine: 24 Stunning & Creative Quilts, One Unique Quilt Setting by sisters Janet Houts & Jean Ann Wright really rings my chimes. I love books like this that have a clear, simple and flexible system that can be used to make many gorgeous quilts. Working with 12-inch blocks that create a circular design around a center element-- without the need for curved piecing --they create dramatic looking quilts that even a confident beginner can tackle. The Midwest Book Review, Wisconsin Bookwatch February, 2011 With plenty of thought and innovation, quilts can be quite the outlet for creative expression. Circle of Nine: 24 Stunning and Creative Quilts, One Unique Quilt Setting is a guide for using the thoughtful templates devised by Janet Houts and Jean Ann Wright to create one’s own completely unique and beautiful quilt design. The setting should prove very useful, and the pair provide plenty of ideas. For any quilter looking for inspiration for their next projects, Circle of Nine is a solid and top pick that shouldn’t be missed. The Midwest Book Review, California Bookwatch March, 2011 Circle of Nine: 24 Stunning and Creative Quilts, One Unique Quilt Setting provides a fine focus on a quilt that produces quilts of original design with endless options. Quilters can interchange blocks within setting squares and rectangles and can create unique-looking quilts by tweaking a single setting scheme. Color examples pack a fine ‘must’ for an any quilter’s collection. Reviewer: Barbara Rhoades July, 2011 Ever get tired of the nine-patch layout of a quilt? Circle of Nine will cure that! The authors have laid out nine blocks so they form a circle, thus the title of the book, using spacer blocks to fill in where needed.   Strips, square-in-a-square and small nine-patch blocks are three of the eight blocks shown as spacer blocks. I’m sure your own creativity could come up with more delightful ideas. With the 15 blocks and eight spacer blocks, the quilts you can make are almost endless. The patterns show the finished quilt along with a cutting and materials list. A paragraph describes the quilt. Graphics, including an exploded view, help make sure you are following the written directions correctly. No quilting suggestions are provided. Any templates needed are shown at full-size so no need to copy and enlarge. With 24 patterns to choose from which one will you start with? The Appliqué Society® Newsletter July/August, 2011 Sometimes we get so busy working on quilts from kits and coordinated fabric collections, just because they are convenient, that we often forget we have the ability to create our own designs. Sisters Janet Houts and Jean Ann Wright want to change all that and their “Circle of Nine” design concept will help you produce a variety of original designs with endless possibilities. Using your favorite block, along with setting squares, you will be able to create totally different looks. The Circle of Nine is based on a grid and offers quilters an easy and foolproof way to become quilt designers using favorite fabrics, blocks and techniques. Working with a 12” block, the average quilt size is 72” square, a size that can often be intimidating to designers, Janet and Jean Ann share their years of quilting experience to help you design your very own quilt. They use graph paper and colored pencils as well as computer software to create their projects. You will want to pick up the pencils and start designing your own quilt the minute you read the section on sketching out your design. There are 24 projects in the book that will help you gain confidence to strike out on your own. Use your favorite focus fabric or theme fabric to create a quilt that is truly your own design with this very unique setting method.