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A Fiber Artist's Guide to Color & Design The basics & beyond

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SKU: 978-1-935726-52-4
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Size: 208 pages; Softcover
Author: Heather Thomas
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Award Winner

ForeWord Reviews 2011 Book of the Year Awards Gold Medalist
—Crafts & Hobbies

Independent Publisher Book Awards 2012 (IPPY) Gold Medal Winner (tie)
—How-To (Crafts/Hobby)

Midwest Independent Publishers Association (MIPA) 2011 Midwest Book Awards Winner

Be ready to be wowed! In 208 pages with hundreds of photos, fiber art examples and illustrations, fiber artist, author and teacher Heather Thomas invites you to begin a new journey into classic color theory and the principles of design for fiber artists and beyond.

Heather knows that color is learned experientially. In addition to understanding the language of color and design theory, 12 Workshop Lessons provide you with project goals and guidelines, fabulous visuals, clearly-written text and full explanation of color wheels and color charts.

You’ll learn and apply:

  • Color Terminology
  • Color Scale
  • Color Value
  • Color dominance
  • Color Temperature
  • Complex Colors
  • Color Intensity and Saturation, Harmony and Rhythm
  • Design Elements
  • Line, Shape, Blending, Form
  • Texture, Size and Scale
  • Design Principles
  • Contrast, Balance, Unity
  • Variety, Repetition, Emphasis and much, much more!





ForeWord Reviews—Spotlight Review, Fall, 2014; Reviewer: Sarah White

A detailed and somewhat daunting exploration of color and design for fiber artists.

Aimed mostly at quilters, A Fiber Artist’s Guide to Color & Design: The Basics & Beyond, by Heather Thomas, is a thorough, encouraging, and nuanced guide to color and design principles that would be useful to other crafters as well. The book is full of detailed information about color theory, how colors work together, design concepts, and hands-on lessons all illustrated by large, clear photos of quilts, fabric swatches, an occasionally other finished objects.

Some lessons may be intimidating to those who are new to working with color. The differences between the painter’s and printer’s color wheels, for instance might be confusing to artists who don’t work with computer software.

On the whole, Thomas takes it slow and offers lots of examples and advice that can help quilters approach design with confidence and creativity. The finished projects shown are exciting and inspiring and encourage readers to take to their fabric (or paint, or paper) and explore.

Twelve workshops in color and design round out the book, guiding readers toward that exploration and discovery. This rigorous training is meant to take a year, but devoting that kind of hands-on time to learning about color and craft can only be a positive experience.

Thomas has been teaching these methods for more than a decade. This detailed book is a full education in color and design and offers practical ways to apply the concepts to unique creations.

The Midwest Book Review—Wisconsin Book Watch November, 2011

“Colorful materials capture eyes and make for a delightful experience. A Fiber Artist’s Guide to Color & Design The basics & beyond is a needlework guide for those who want to imbue their work with more color and more style. With plenty of patterns and inspirations throughout, Heather Thomas walks readers through what they need to know to understand the process. Using full color photos to provide examples, A Fiber Artist’s Guide to Color & Design The basics & beyond is a solid and much needed addition to any needlework and art collection, enthusiastically recommended.”

FabShopHop Blog Reviewer: Teresa Coates September, 2011

“Art quilts are one of the creative endeavors that I find amazingly beautiful and completely formidable. I often eye other’s quilts with a tad bit of envy–why can she make it look so simple? And how’d she come up with those colors together? For some, I think it’s a natural talent, but for the rest of us there’s A Fiber Artist's Guide to Color and Design. Recently released by Landauer Publishing, the hidden spiral-bound book is a treasure trove of information about the elusive (at least to me) world of color, scale, value, intensity, saturation, harmony and rhythm. The depth of information on classic color theory and the principles of design is perfectly suited for those working in the fiber arts.

Heather Thomas, herself a quilter of more than 25 years, has been teaching and lecturing about color theory and design principles for fiber artists for a decade and those classes form the foundation for A Fiber Artist's Guide to Color and Design.

Thomas includes quick guides to how an art quilt works, including its balance type, grid structure, color, design elements and direction. This information alone gives us non-Art majors needed resources for producing better art quilts.

Beyond the education aspect of the book, Thomas continues on and provides twelve workshop lessons for the reader to do themselves, including monochromatic quilts, color temperature and transparent illusions.

Filled with full-color photos and illustrations alongside an amazing complete color education, A Fiber Artist's Guide to Color and Design is an invaluable addition to any fabric artist’s library.”

The Midwest Book Review—California Book Watch December, 2011

A Fiber Artist’s Guide to Color & Design The basics & beyond provides a fine survey of fiber art techniques and offers 12 workshop lessons designed to help users become better artists. Color theory and design principles are tailored for fiber and teach the basics of scale, value, saturation and harmony and pair color wheels, charts and photos with lesson projects. A top pick for any fiber artist!”

The Applique Society Newsletter: Patti Ives, January/February 2012

Heather Thomas’s book A Fiber Artist’s Guide to Color & Design is part of Landauer Publishing’s The Basics & Beyond series and is the perfect place to begin your journey into color and design. The first half of the book, the learning area, is devoted to color and design. As you work your way through you will notice a variety of help boxes and “Quick Key” boxes that highlight important information about each topic. There are also plenty of diagrams and illustrated references. Learning color theory and design elements and principles can be complicated and hard to understand. Heather has cut through the complications to present easy to grasp and implement color lessons that will have you “seeing” color in a totally different way. Heather says, “the elements that make up a particular artwork are what we usually see first,” so it stands to reason that understanding and using these elements of design and design principles will aid in creating your own “wow” quilt. The 12 Color and Design workshops presented in the book will give you the opportunity to actually gain hands on experience working with color and design.

The book is illustrated with hundreds of full color illustrations, color wheels, charts, and photographs. Sprinkled throughout the book are examples of beautiful fiber art creations that illustrate the principles of design and the goals of the workshops. The book contains 208 pages and features a hardcover, hidden-spiral, lay-flat binding.  

Quilters Newsletter: June/July 2012

With hundreds of photos, examples and illustrations, the author invites readers on a new journey into classic color theory and the principles of design for fiber artists and beyond. Thomas teaches that color is learned experientially. Along with the understanding of color and design theory, the book includes 12 Workshop Lessons with project goals and guidelines.