Working With Wood

Working With Wood
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160 pages; Softcover
Tom Carpenter and Mark Johanson

Working with Wood is unique. With this book, you can build attractive and useful cabinets and furniture while learning a wealth of woodworking information.

No two projects use the same woods or the exact same joinery.

Each project presents a unique challenge so you receive a thorough overview of the most important skills a woodworker needs to know. The projects appear in order of difficulty from simplest to more complicated.

  • You'll learn about:
  • types of woods available at lumberyards and home centers
  • which woods are easy to cut and shape
  • which woods require more patience and skill to plane and smooth
  • which woods accept which stains and finishes best how to make a variety of joints what is the appropriate use for each joint
  • design features and variations

Working with Wood is easy to use and easy to follow. You'll see the information is clear step-by-step instructions and how-to photos so you can make the project exactly as shown.

As you learn the skills, you can modify the projects to suit your own needs. The fundamentals are here. Even intermediate and experienced woodworkers will learn new techniques.

Discover the knowledge you need to ask the right questions, answer them, and make decisions appropriate to the projects you want to build while adding to your woodworking skills in the process. With more than 400 full color step-by-step photos, illustrations and diagrams, you'll see that the book is clear and complete.

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