Log Cabin Quilts The basics & beyond

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Janet Houts and Jean Ann Wright
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Log Cabin quilts have been a long-time favorite among quilters, popular since the mid-1800’s when both the pattern and technique were new. Today the basic log cabin block technique of sewing strips of fabric around a center square remains the same, while the quilt settings and fabrics take the log cabin quilt from classic to contemporary.

In this new book from Janet Houts and Jean Ann Wright, Log Cabin Quilts The basics & beyond, you will learn traditional Log Cabin block construction, including Courthouse Steps and Half Log Cabin, and how to design your own Log Cabin quilts. 7 quilt projects use 7 classic Log Cabin quilt setting variations, including Barn Raising and Straight Furrows. 12 more projects are provided using the classic Log Cabin block in a variety of contemporary, innovative settings.

Includes complete step-by-step technique photographs and instructions for piecing Log Cabin blocks, Courthouse Step blocks and Half Log Cabin blocks. Sizing and fabric requirement charts for creating blocks in whatever size you choose. Beautifully photographed.

The Log Cabin Trim Tool and Log Cabin Trim Tool Two were designed by Jean Ann Wright to help you make perfect blocks every time!





Library Journal, February 2013

The log cabin is one of the classic quilt-block patterns—it’s simple but versatile, and popular with traditional and modern quilters. With log cabin blocks, the setting determines the overall effect; Houts and Wright explore a variety of settings, including traditional and contemporary effects. Since a basic log cabin block is essentially a half-dark/half-light square, the possibilities are many. Step-by-step directions for piecing log cabin, half log cabin, and courthouse steps blocks are included.

VERDICT Log cabin blocks are tried and true, and Houts and Wright give quilters plenty of options for creative use of this classic patchwork staple.

Barbara Rhoades, February 2013

Like most other quilts blocks, it’s all about how you turn them. These authors make it easy to see how to do that with Log Cabin blocks. They did show me that Log Cabin blocks can be made in several different ways.

Six pages give an overview to Log Cabin blocks. Then there is a 16-page photo instructional section on how to make the different blocks. If you follow along in this section, you can’t go wrong.

Another dozen pages provide yardage requirements in chart form for different finished sizes of blocks. There are 19 patterns with photos, cutting and material lists and graphics to keep you on the right path.

I love the colors they have chosen for their quilts but as always, make it to fit your house or the person you are making the quilt for by choosing your own colors. You won’t believe how different each will look.

A small bio of the authors can be found at the back of the book and a photo of them is in the front. These are the authors that wrote Circle of Nine which is another favorite of mine. This book will be added to my permanent library of must have quilt books.  

Checker Newsletter, Reviewer: Penny Haren, January 2013

Thousands of you have fallen in love with the Creative Grids Log Cabin Trim Tools released last year. After making hundreds of log cabin blocks over the last six months, I can’t imagine sewing them any other way. That is when a tool becomes a classic. And every classic deserves a book! Log Cabin Quilts arrived this week and includes patterns that use both rulers.

Log Cabin Quilts is part of the Basics & Beyond series by Landauer Publishing which means it includes everything you ever wanted to know about log cabin quilts and how to set them. This book features log cabins, half log cabins, courthouse steps and brand new contemporary designs. The possibilities are endless.

Quilters’ Digest: February 2013

The basic Log Cabin quilt can go from classic to contemporary depending on your choice of fabrics. Seven projects use the classic method in traditional ways; an additional 12 projects use the same method, but in a variety of contemporary, innovative settings. Step-by-step instructions (with photographs) are provided for piecing the blocks, along with sizing and fabric charts.

The Midwest Book Review—Internet Bookwatch: February 2013

"Log Cabin Quilts: The Basics & Beyond, Classic to Contemporary" is a striking collection of creative ideas and instructions for piecing the basic Log Cabin quilt block, Courthouse block and Half Log Cabin block, to create seven classic Log Cabin quilt variations plus twelve more contemporary Log Cabin block settings. Beautiful color photographs taken in Madison County, Iowa, illustrate step by step instructions plus display beautiful finished quilts. Instructions are furnished for cutting the pieces, making the quilt, block assembly, quilt assembly, border assembly, and finishing the quilt. Yardage requirements for different quilt projects are listed in handy tables in the chapter titled Building Blocks for Log Cabin Quilts. An introductory chapter gives Log Cabin quilt history, while a concluding chapter encourages the quilter in what is called Log Cabin Block Play. For a beautifully inspiring, practical manual on creative interpretations of the Log Cabin Quilt art form, "Log Cabin Quilts the Basics & Beyond" fills the ticket.

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