Easy-Cut Baby Quilts

48 pgs; Saddlestitch
McB McManus and E.B. Updegraff
Editorial Reviews
With a focus on colorful, fun and easy patterns and projects, create 9 cute, contemporary quilts just for baby! Splashes of color and appealing prints are perfect for today’s modern mama. Patterns focus on pre-cuts and easy-to-cut assembly and enable you to make the quilts in a day or a weekend. Fabric twists built into the pattern give you several small projects for baby and nursery. Featuring patterns with piecing and appliqué techniques.  
Full-size templates included. Complete instructions and how-to with gorgeous full-color photos.



Reviewer:Barbara Rhoades, August 2015

Do you have fat quarters, fat eighths or jelly rolls in your stash? If so, you are all set to make the quilts found in this book.

There are nine quilt patterns provided. Each has a colored photo of the finished quilt and gives the finished size. A merials list is very clearly written as is the cutting list. Gra[hics, in color, are provided to help make sure you are following the written instructions correctly. No specific directions are given on how to quilt the completed quilt.

There is a nice surprise at the end of each pattern. It is called a "Project Twist" (or size or quilting depending on the project.) This is an extra project or different way of finishing or a different size using the same pattern. Some even have two different hings you can do.

If there is a baby in your life or you need a present for one, this book will provide many great ideas.

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