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Mosaic Tile Quilts

MSRP: $22.95
SKU: 978-1-935726-46-3
UPC: 748628-11309-1
Size: 80 pages; Softcover
Author: Patricia Sanabria-Friederich
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Enjoy the ease of creating a classic beauty.

Beautiful mosaic tile designs inspire timeless quilts. Similar to quilt patterns, mosaic tile floors combine pieces in blocks, pay special attention to color and line, and frame the block designs with borders.

9 Stunning Projects • Rich Colors • Historic Traditions

Each stunning project is more than a quilt. Each reminds us to honor master artists of the past whose creations have stood the test of time to continue to inspire.

  • A variety of projects: bed quilts, wallhangings, table runners
  • Color options
  • Beautifully photographed
  • Easy-to-sew
  • Clear and accurate quiltmaking instructions
  • A tribute to the history of Costa Rica


Quilters' Digest: February, 2014

The tile floors of Costa Rica inspired Patricia to create these designs. The pieces in her richly colored quilt blocks pay special attention toline, as well as color. The blocks are framed with interesting borders. A variety of projects are featured here: bed quilts, wall hangings and table runners. All of the projects are easy to sew and color options are provided. A tribute to the history of Costa Rica is also included.

Midwest Book Review—California Bookwatch: February, 2014

Mosaic Tile Quilts gathers nine quilting projects inspired by the mosaic tile floors of Costa Rica, pairing each project with a combination of full-page color photos and 64 pages of smaller images to accompany easy quiltmaking instructions. The author grew up in Costa Rica and was accustomed to the tile floors everywhere: these translate handily into quilt styles for wallhangings, runners and bed quilts alike, and lend to a lovely coverage especially recommended for quilters seeking different ideas.