For Love of CATS

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160 pages; Softcover
Animal Rescue League of Iowa
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2012 Book of the Year Silver Medalist


Based on 24-hours-a-day, every day hands-on working experiences with dogs and cats of all ages, breeds and conditions.

Asking “should I get a cat?” The cat you choose will be a family member for an average of 15 years, so choosing and understanding cats is important—for you and for the life of your cat! Get all of the cat facts you need while learning about cat types, cat traits and cat personality.

In 128 pages, filled with photos and stories, you’ll learn about:

  • Cat and kitten adoption, and taking your cat or kitten Home
  • Learning about cat types, and choosing a cat
  • Cat personality and the bond between you and your cat
  • What do cats eat, what are some key cats facts, and how do you care for a cat
  • Making it work it cats and babies
  • How to fix cat scratching problems
  • How to manage a kitten that nips or bites
  • Cat Toys and Enrichment
  • Cat Talk and Kitty Communication
  • Introducing a New Cat or Kitten to Existing Pets
  • Litter box problems and simple solutions
  • Special Issues: Cat Grooming, Cat Carriers, Christmas Trees, Counters, Plants, Pills, Traveling, Body Language

Midwest Book Review—Internet Bookwatch: February 2013

FOR THE LOVE OF CATS: A HANDS-ON JOURNEY covers all the basics of cat care and is the perfect primer for the new potential owner. From selecting a cat or kitten and understanding their care to problem-solving and blending a cat or kitten into a home, this comes from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa and covers everything from scratching and nocturnal activities to toys and cat communication processes. A 'must' for any newcomer to cats who would contemplate what's involved in owning one.

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