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Pineapple Plus
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16 pages; Saddlestitch
Karin Hellaby
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This book may be slightly blemished.

This is the fourth title in Karin’s popular “Sew Simple” technique series. Pineapple Plus takes the best-selling, popular title Sew Simple Pineapple to another level where she has explored the use of fabric triangles to replace some of the squares. Her new triangle methods give more color, more variety, more choice, and more fun. ‘Quilt as you go’ is very popular, so she has included a pineapple version which incorporates the triangles and squares, quilting each block as it increases in size, and ideal for those who do not enjoy working with a large quilt.

  • Three new pineapple techniques
  • Diagrams and example quilts for even more ideas
  • Detailed instructions for making three featured quilts

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