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144 pages; Hardcover, hidden spiral
Penny Haren
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This book may be slightly blemished.

Penny Haren continues her quest to take the stress out of creating perfect blocks with her Pieced Appliqué® techniques. In her second book, she shows you how to build 25 additional blocks with the basic foundation blocks and techniques you have already mastered. While these blocks appear more difficult they are simple enough that a beginning quilter will achieve immediate success.

  • 25 gorgeous blocks with full-size templates
  • More than 500 full color photos, diagrams, and illustrations
  • Color and fabric options
  • No inset seams



The Two-in-One Square-It-Up Fussy Cut Ruler is the companion ruler for Penny Haren's Pieced Applique® technique


Library Journal June, 2009

This is a follow-up to Haren’s Pieced Appliqué™, with even more of Haren’s cleverly constructed quilt blocks. Her technique involves layering appliquéd pieces onto a foundation block rather than joining the pieces with seams. Suggestions for constructing a quilt or table runner are included.

Quilt Magazine October/November, 2009

You won’t believe what you can sew! Create complex-looking blocks with Penny Haren’s Pieced Appliqué™ techniques. Building on fundamental quilting skills, she knows how to build 25 different designs off of basic blocks. Penny’s methods ensure flawless points and curves, translating to immediate success. Each pattern includes full-size templates and color photos and illustrations explain every step of the process.

The Appliqué Society

Penny Haren’s Pieced Appliqué™ More Blocks & Projects is the second in the ongoing series of Pieced Appliqué™ perfect blocks and project books. Haren’s technique for creating complicated quilt blocks is to start with a basic background, then add the details and different shapes using freezer paper and appliqué. There are five easy steps to this method. 1. Create an easy foundation block. 2. Make paper templates and iron on freezer paper. 3. Glue the template to the wrong side of the fabric and turn with a glue stick. 4. Stitch the appliqués to the foundation block to create the desired archival block. 5. Remove the paper templates and press the block.

This book will add 25 new pieced appliqué blocks to your collection. There are 144 pages in the book that offer more than 500 full color photos, diagrams and illustrations. There are five projects in the book to help you get started and the book is wire bound to lay flat while working with it. For your convenience, if you wish to download your appliqué templates and eliminate the need to copy and trace full-size templates from the book, visit the Landauer website at Reviewer: Connie Krochmal

This wonderful, long-awaited volume follows Haren’s highly successful first title, which introduced her innovative new technique. This hardcover with a hidden spiral binding was released by Landauer Books.

This title also covers all of the same basic techniques and instructions that were provided in the first volume. This one offers 25 new blocks, many of which will have special appeal to gardeners. The blocks included the Rose Trellis. It also offers additional color options for each block and quilt.

Many of these blocks are made with stunning floral print fabrics, including some of the same ones that appeared in the author’s first volume. The sunflower prints show up a number of times in these new blocks and quilts.

Along with three versions or layouts for each of the quilts, this volume features a number of additional projects that are sure to please gardeners. These include a beautiful table runner with flowers in the centers. There is also a stunning table topper made from sunflower print fabrics with a coordinating table skirt made from pieced blocks.

For each project and quilt, this volume has a list of fabrics and a cutting chart. There are full size templates. This has layouts and easy to follow, color illustrated, step by step directions from beginning to end.

Reviewer: Barbara Rhoades

In Ms. Haren’s second book, Pieced Appliqué™ More Blocks and Projects, she continues to make quilt blocks that look pieced but are actually appliquéd. There were 25 blocks in the first book and this one contains another 25. The drawback of making blocks like this is that you need to soak the finished block for 20 or more minutes to dissolve the glue used to hold the pieces in place while you sew. If you don’t mind doing this and have trouble getting those points to match, this is the technique for you. But instead of using glue, maybe you could use very light weight fabric or fusible interface and not have the glue to remove. Hmmmm.

The book has a wire ring which allows the book to lay perfectly flat. All the blocks in the book are shown in color. 10 pages of general instructions follow with tips and photos to help you know if you are doing the written instructions correctly. Each block pattern has fabric suggestions, along with cutting and piecing instructions. Full sized templates are given and there are 3 color ways shown with each block as well.

Interspersed throughout the book are Technique Notebook pages. These show more photos of “how-to” along with more in-depth instructions.

Once you get through all the blocks, there is a project for a quilt which contains all the blocks. There is also a pattern for a table runner, a table topper and a table skirt. Finally there are two quilts photos, no specific instructions, of quilts that can be made from the blocks in the book. There is a chart of which blocks were used.

Wisconsin Bookwatch Review Date: October, 2009

Spiral bound to lay flat for easy reference, Penny Haren’s Pieced Appliqué™ More Blocks & Projects is the second in the ongoing series of Pieced Appliqué™ project books. Each of the distinctive and beautiful finished quilt blocks one can create using this guide is generated by an easy-to-make foundation block. Full-color photographs on almost every page illustrate the step-by-step directions to distinctive blocks and projects, and a “techniques notebook” guides the reader through tips and tricks of the craft. An excellent, easy-to-use resource that walks the reader through the creation of each block of the quilt before embarking upon the beautiful quilt itself.

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