Fresh Picked for all seasons--HURT

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112 pages; Softcover
Dodi Lee Poulsen
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Let Dodi Poulsen be your guide as she shows you how to use bold bright, and beautiful novelty prints with traditional standbys like dots, stripes, and solids in collections of versatile designs that are at home with today’s wide range of large-scale fabrics.

Select any of the 30 delightful projects. Even if you are new to sewing, you’ll find they are so easy you can make them. Express your personal touch by choosing your favorite large designs; add trims reflecting your style. Play. Step outside your comfort zone. You’ll be amazed at your creative energies. Begin today and have fun!

  • 30 delightful home decor projects in 5 coordinating collections
  • 112 pages in full color
  • Hundreds of illustrations, diagrams, and photos
  • Complete step-by-step how-to



The Quilting Quarterly Fall, 2010

“Learn how to use bold, bright, and beautiful novelty prints in this collection of versatile designs at-home with today’s wide range of large-scale fabrics. 30 delightful home décor projects with complete patterns and step-by-step instructions. A joyful book that will take you beyond the quilt and into charming companion projects.”

Reviewer: Barbara Rhoades November, 2010

“Apples, pears, oranges, lemons and cherries make a great fruit bowl and it is also the theme of Ms. Poulsen’s book, Fresh Picked for all seasons. Each section has a towel in that fruit’s theme and then there are other patterns such as quilts, pillows, placemats and napkins, table toppers, aprons, bags, and wall hangings. There are other patterns as well. Throughout the book are special tips called Two Sisters Tips and they are set off in colored boxes.

General instructions will be the first thing you read about in the book. Then comes the fun. Which pattern will you pick to work on first? A colored photo of the finished item with its finished size listed below. Fabric requirements and a cutting guide are next. Assembly instructions are clear with graphics to help you along. Any templates needed are found at full size.

30 patterns will keep you busy for many hours to come. If you are looking for a “fruity” project, this book will help you along.”

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