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206 pages; Hardcover, hidden spiral
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With the unique, features-full knitbook and accompanying DVD for guides, novices will discover how easy it is to knit and more experienced knitters will learn to go beyond. The convenient 3-ring binder can be customized by each knitter in their own personal style.

Features include:

  • 108 pages of How-To Basics and Beyond
  • 17 Projects on carry-along cards
  • 24 Stitch Patterns on carry-along cards
  • Knit Notes
  • Zipper poly-vinyl bags for storage
  • Learn-to-knit DVD    




The Midwest Book Review California Bookwatch February, 2008

A spiral-bound hardcover allows for both easy lay-flat use and quick shelf location with knitbook The basics & beyond—a recommended pick for personal or gift use for any knitter. Libraries won't wish the 3-ring binder format but knitters will appreciate the ability to add new projects and stitch cards as wishes, to customize its organization, and to carry it along for quick project reference. The bright, colorful 108 pages of basics include 17 projects on carry-along cards, knit notes, and more. A learn-to-knit DVD included with the package is another exceptional feature, pairing convenience with teaching methods which are far superior to print alone. A highly recommended pick for any beginner who wants to learn the basics.

Reviewer: Barbara Rhoades September, 2009

This is one GOTTA HAVE book all about knitting. It is ring-bound so no broken binding when trying to keep a page open. It has removable projects cards that are printed on stiffer paper than the rest of the book. It even has a DVD for those who want to learn by visual means rather than reading.

The sections are divided into: Learning Essentials, Learning DVD, Projects, Photos, charts and illustrations, Stitches, Notes pages and plastic zipper bags. WOW! If you can’t find it in this book, you won’t find it on the subject of knitting.

There are different ways to cast and two are shown. Knitting abbreviations are listed in two different places, one of which is printed on the heavier paper. Types of yarn and needles are discussed. 24 different stitch patterns are listed so you can make an afghan with any of these or try using them on other projects.

All in all, this is the best book on learning to knit I have seen in a few years. Even if you are an experienced knitter, the projects included are fun to make up and the patterns are written in an easy to follow manner. This will make a great Christmas or birthday gift for that special knitter you know.

Let’s Knit Magazine March, 2008

An invaluable resource for all new knitters, knitbook is a handy compendium of everything you need to know in order to get stitching. Maybe you’re a beginner, or have a friend that is interested in the craft? Its easy ring-binder style, fun patterns and stitch pattern cards make knitbook the perfect gift for any beginner.”

Simply Knitting Magazine May, 2008

With clear, easy-to-follow photos in the book and clear, easy-to-follow videos on the enclosed DVD, knitbook is a great buy for a new knitter.

As a beginner, you may find that it’s the things no one thinks to mention which cause you to stumble. This book explains the mysteries. From how to cast off in purl to what to do with split yarn, this handy guide will walk you through your first projects.

Presented in a binder, the basic techniques lead to fun projects and ever more complicated stitches and patterns, from garter stitch scarves through to cabled jumpers. We love the DVD—it’s the world’s most patient knitting teacher, happy to repeat a stitch a hundred times! 

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