Friendship Triangles

80 pages; Softcover
Edyta Sitar
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Jump on the wagon! Leading fabric designer and quilter Edyta Sitar has created 15 gorgeous scrappy Half-Square Triangle Block quilts for you that are fun and easy to make. Triangle Block Exchange Programs make it fun.  Laundry Basket Quilts's Half-Square Triangle Exchange Paper makes it easy with 25 half-square triangles at a time! Just stitch and cut, choose a project and see your quilt come colorfully alive.

  • 15 Triangle Block Quilt Projects including bed quilts, wall quilts, table toppers, table runners and a tote
  • Complete project instructions and illustrations
  • Beautiful full-color quilt photos
  • Step-by-step photos show you how easy it is to use Half-Square Triangle Exchange Paper

The Midwest Book Review California Bookwatch April, 2010

Friendship Triangles comes from a fabric designer and quilter who introduces her techniques for half square block quilts and Triangle Block Exchange Programs. Over a dozen projects in color offer tips on using triangles in a range of quilting styles, and make for a fine survey that adds projects ranging from table toppers and runners to full quilts.

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