First-Time Quiltmaking--HURT

First-Time Quiltmaking--HURT
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$10.95 (49.89%)
112 pages; Hardcover, hidden spiral
This book may be slightly blemished.

First-Time Quiltmaking - Learning to quilt in six easy lessons:

  • Lesson One - Beginning Basics. Discover how easy it is to begin quilting with an illustrated guide to fabrics, tools and techniques
  • Lesson Two - Preparing the Fabric. Pre-wash, press, straighten and rotary cut the fabric - now you're ready to sew
  • Lesson Three - Sewing Accurate Seams. Pick up a few quick tricks and tips for sewing an exact quarter-inch seam for accurate seam allowances
  • Lesson Four - Assembling the Quilt Top. Choose from three easy quilt patterns for step-by-step success-and then use the techniques to take the three-in-one quilt challenge
  • Lesson Five - Making the Quilt Sandwich. Make a quilt sandwich by layering the batting between the backing and your finished quilt top and secure it with yarn ties or simple machine quilting
  • Lesson Six - Finishing the Quilt. Follow easy instructions to add the binding, a sleeve for hanging, a personalized label - and you've successfully finished your first quilt!

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