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Book Proposal Guidelines

Click here for a downloadable PDF of our BOOK PROPOSAL GUIDELINES

In preparing a book proposal for review/discussion, please include the following:

  1. Author Profile and The Book Concept

    A brief paragraph about the author followed by the concept, namely, the vision for the book, the intended audience and why the book is needed/different from what is currently available

    Please include tentative specs for the book: projects (how many/range), special features (e. g., an essay promoting/romancing the history/concept/author, unique teaching section, DVD, location photography, special needs such as full-size patterns) number of pages etc.

  2. A Table of Contents
    The TOC gives the preliminary project list and shows project variety/balance

  3. Sample projects showing the quality of the work (these can be photos)

  4. A sample of how to instructions, diagrams and illustrations (can be rough or finished)

  5. Author expectations from the publisher re: guarantees, royalty rates, etc.

  6. Timing

    Landauer works as flexibly as needed to bring an accepted book project to life. We have worked with authors who can provide a completed book on DVD ready for production with the publisher’s involvement limited to shaping and reviewing the project at agreed-upon intervals.  We have also worked with artists/designers who have relied on us to create entire books from scratch including all projects, how to/illustrations, photography, design, edit.

    The most common arrangement is to share responsibilities. These are spelled out in the agreement.  Authors usually provide the finished projects, accurate how-to instructions, rough or finished illustrations and they participate in photo planning/sessions. Landauer provides book project management through each author/publisher approval stage including photography. The publisher designs the book and cover, prepares the book for production, produces, markets and distributes it. Prior to production, a finished laser copy is sent for author approval.

Landauer strives to publish books that are more than project books. We require quality. We look for clear concepts that include teaching and reference sections or other features enabling us to enhance the book and expand the audience/markets. Most importantly, we prefer to publish works that not only will sell for many seasons, but also lend themselves to add-on product and new editions.

For more information, contact Jeramy Landauer at the address/phone number below or e-mail

Landauer Publishing
3100 101st St, Ste A
Urbandale IA  50322

(800) 557-2144


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