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80 pages; Softcover
Sandi Blackwell
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Wow! Diagonal set quilts with no cutting of setting triangles, and no math. It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s “Square-agonals™”! Sandi Blackwell has created a new word, a unique technique, and new projects!

No math, no triangle cutting, no problem!

Here’s what Sandi’s students have to say about Square-agonals:

“An A-MAZE-ING new method for setting diagonally pieced quilts...because it is like a maze until it is cut - then it is amazing when everything is put together - it all fits!”

“A new and easy way to sew diagonal designs without the hassle of cutting the perfect triangle or using math calculations.”

“The technique is very elegantly simple and so easy.”

“ worry about diagonals, triangles, and corners, will work on any size.”

“Makes on-point settings easy.”  




Use Square-agonals guide tapes Square-agonals Arrow Guide Tape and Square-agonals Cutting Guide Tape to cut your quilt top with condifence and reassemble with ease!


The Midwest Book Review, California Bookwatch January, 2011

"Square-agonals™: A New Angle on Quilting holds no math, no cutting and connecting triangles, and easy stitched blocks and rows that create diagonal designs. While billed as a 'new angle' the look is satisfyingly old-fashioned and appealing, teaching how to sew rows of squares following three very simple cutting instructions. Newcomers to quilting, in particular, will find this a powerful survey!"

Reviewer: Barbara Rhoades Review Date: December, 2010

“I love setting blocks on point but I hate figuring out how to cut the side and corner triangles. I usually just cut oversized blocks and simply cut off the excess. Now I no longer have to do that.

Square-agonals™provides a method of creating blocks in rows like a regular patchwork project made up of squares and then creates the on-point by cutting it in three pieces and sewing those pieces together. Sounds difficult? Not really when you look at the graphic where Ms. Blackwell shows you what she means. Simply create your square blocks, sew them in rows, sew the rows together and cut the piece into three pieces. This will work for wall hangings, square quilts and rectangular quilts. In other words, it works for every quilted item you make.

The book has special arrow templates that help you when you cut your quilt apart so you know which piece to resew to which piece. The formula for doing this is included so you can do this for any project you make. The projects in the book include wall hangings, table runners, table toppers and quilts. The project instructions are well written with finished item and block size. The cutting list has each fabric color in bold so you know which fabric to cut to what size and the rest of the assembly instructions are easy to follow.

There are 14 projects in Square-agonals™ so by the time you are done making them all, you will be an expert on making on-point quilted items from regularly sewn squares.” Reviewer: Lynda Heines Review Date: October, 2010

“In this book, Sandi shows a new technique for creating diagonal-set quilts without the complications of adding setting and corner triangles.

Square-agonals™ contains 14 projects including table runners, wall hangings and quilts, all with step-by-step instructions, sewing tips, and full-color illustrations and photography.

Her instructions are very detailed to help the reader with the process. Templates are also included.”

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